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At DPG we offer a complete range of grinding, sharpening, and reconditioning services on a wide variety of cutting and manufacturing tooling. We can grind all materials including Carbide, Cobalt, and High-Speed Steel.

Metal-Working Services

End Mills

All types including Finishing and Roughing, Milling Cutters, and Shell Mills

Wood-Working Services

Drills and Reamers

All types of Carbide and High-Speed drills including Forstner, spade, and requests for custom ground drill tips (most at no extra charge)

Saw Blades

Carbide-Tipped Blades and Cold Saw Blades up to 36”

Slitter and Crusher Blades

High-Speed Steel up to 12" Diameter

Special Cutters

Countersinks, Back Counterbores, Spade Drill Inserts, Annular Cutters, Drill Mills, etc

Chain Saw Chain

Resharpen the most popular chain saw brands and types including Carbide and High-Speed Steel

Custom and Specialty Grinding

Chipper Knives

Sheer Knives, Paper Knives, and Bed Knives up to 60" in length

High-Speed Steel and Carbide Planer Blades and Granulator Blades

Miscellaneous Services



Garden Tools

Commrcial Lawn Mower Blades

Tool and cutter coatings including TiN, AlTiN, and TiAlN

Additional services available upon request, allow time for processing

Please contact us with an additional questions or speciality queries

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